Veev Motion Library

Brand motion library for the innovative digital home company

Work scope //

Brand identity, Motion design

Tools Used //

AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere Pro

Veev is an innovative digital home company that creates exceptional smart houses. As they produce a significant amount of video content, they approached us with the task of creating their own signature brand animations and a reusable motion library. In this case study, we will walk you through our design process, from understanding the client's requirements to the final delivery of the motion library, highlighting our design decisions, and the outcomes achieved.


At the project's outset, we developed three concepts, each consisting of shot decks, style frames, and descriptions to clarify our vision. We also created videos with animated references to better illustrate each concept's tone and feeling. By offering clear visuals and animations, we effectively communicated our ideas to the client, aligning expectations and establishing a strong foundation for developing Veev brand animations, which accurately convey their brand identity and messaging.


After selecting the concept, our team developed the Veev brand animations, drawing inspiration from grids used in home plans and the complexity of the home-building process. The use of grids represented the careful planning and attention to detail involved in building a home. As Veev is a digital home startup utilising 3D technology in planning, we avoided excessive reliance on physical brand perceptions. Instead, we crafted digitally-inspired outlines, shapes, and dimensions that accurately represent Veev's brand identity as a digital startup that prioritises customer satisfaction in creating their most important investment, their homes.

Starting with subtle outlines in logo and text animations, we emphasise Veev's meticulous planning. Transitions between 2D and 3D dimensions showcase the transformation from plans to structures, reinforcing Veev's unique technological approach in homebuilding. This way, the new animations highlight the synergy between digital means and physical products.

Once we had finalised the animations, the next step was to make them easily accessible and usable for our client. To ensure convenience, we didn't just provide them with a bunch of MP4 animations or raw AfterEffects files but created Adobe Premiere templates for each brand animation. This enabled Veev team members to incorporate animations into video materials and make edits without needing source files. The easily editable templates don't require specialised skills, ensuring customisable, brand-aligned animations that maintain consistency with the brand voice.

Our work on Veev highlights the importance of well-designed motion libraries in streamlining business material development. The accessibility and customisability of our brand-aligned materials empower the Veev team to produce visually consistent media efficiently and cost-effectively. This internal process allows them to showcase new houses and create educational and promotional videos without starting from scratch, saving time and resources.

  • MOTION DESIGN: Lena Sivakova

  • PROJECT FINISHED: 06.03.2023


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