Boxed UI/UX

Branding and UI/UX for logistics startup website and application

Work scope //

Brand identity, Web-design, UI/UX

Tools Used //

Figma, AfterEffects, Blender, Illustrator

Boxed aimed to provide worldwide delivery to any location in the world using a p2p network optimisation of its users that served as intermediary agents in the process. In practice, this means that if you want to buy an item from abroad and the retailer doesn't provide shipping there, then Boxed would be able to deliver through some intermediary agents' addresses.


While the customer experience is straightforward, the back-end architecture is rather complex. Firstly, users can have two levels of service involvement: use it just for delivery service or also act as intermediary agents. The latter provides users with the monetary payments for each order handled. Apart from it, the system would offer different delivery options: economy, optimal or the fastest.

Like many startups nowadays, Boxed aimed to gain an initial userbase and then get to the level of financial self-sufficiency based on the subscriptions to accelerate its further growth. Klad worked together with Boxed from the very start. Our work included the development of the initial UX, design of the initial brand identity and UI, web app UI/UX and website design.


We kicked off our processes with the website, as it was the simplest to execute and release at first. It also helped to find the UI foundations, which we further developed and re-utilised for the web app design. Additionally, the launched website helped the client to kick off processes on their end: the website effectively assisted in product presentations to the investors and early community assembling.

The core idea behind the design was to create a minimalistic, clean, yet memorable feeling. We based the concept around the delivery tracking: on the main page and during the registration process, we used a simplified map with the path filling in with the user scrolling or completing each step of the sign-up process. The UI was also strongly inspired by air tickets: while the user would still experience a usual delivery process, we wanted to feel a travel-like excitement about their parcels. Lastly, we've built UI in a modular manner. Modularity drastically simplified the further support of the design system for the client.

Another thing that we focused on during the design process was adding some gamification processes for the users that would decide to participate as intermediary agents. One of the examples of how we achieved this was adding a 3D globe to the personal area. The model would highlight a country of destination with every new order completed by the host (intermediary agent).

In terms of the web app, we aimed to provide users with advanced customisation, responsiveness and intuitive simplicity. Therefore, we used UI modularity to create several view modes for the orders. For each order, we also provided an option to have a chat with hosts and a possibility to attach comments or add relevant media files. If users decided to participate as hosts, they would also have analytics insights and earnings history, highlighting their activity levels.

Boxed up to this day remains one of Klad's highlights due to the relatively sophisticated system complexity and comprehensive approach as we handled everything from the core branding to the UI kit. Its final design is an example of how minimalism combined with distinct colours can create an eye-catching product that sparks customers' interest from first sight.

  • UI/UX: Ksenia Leonteva

  • MOTION: Lena Sivakova

  • PROJECT FINISHED: 26.02.2021



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