Miestilo Jewelry Branding

Dynamic branding, web and motion design for the jewellery manufacturer

Work scope //

Brand strategy, Brand identity, Web-design, Motion design

Tools Used //

Figma, Blender, AfterEffects, Three.js, Laravel

3d model

Miestilo is a jewellery manufacturer operating in a factory-to-customer model. The company actively collaborates with trending and uprising designers to produce and launch their jewellery collections. Once all the pieces are manufactured, customers can purchase them directly from the factory, which helps to save a lot of time on the retail hustle for the designers as well as saves money for the end customer.

We aimed to help them define their brand, develop brand identity and design a website. While working on brand strategy, we formulated the voice, tone, mission and manifesto of Miestilo. While many companies undermine the importance of brand strategy, it pays off once the brand grows more and more touch points with its customers. By defining the foundational elements in its communication, the brand ensures coherency in customers' perceptions.


A brand strategy helps comprehensively provide the core brand ideas, which lays a more in-depth foundation for the visual part of branding. Furthermore, brand strategy provides guidelines on how a brand should communicate with customers. Guides strongly affect the "coherence of perception", or in other words, how coherent the brand is in its communication with the end customers.

Once we finalise the brand strategy, we move on to the visual part of branding and brand identity design. Based on the voice and core principles, we decided to make logo dynamic. Therefore, the central logo part can change colour and texture.

Brand identity contained over 12 elements, including patterns, wrapping paper, tape, phone cases, invoices, pricing tags, product boxes, etc. Just like with the logo, to make some elements dynamic we provided elements-specific variations of colours and textures.

To present the brand from a more eclectic perspective, we combined post-modern jewellery collection and classic art. To make products stand out, we used Miestilo 3D models instead of photos as well as combined them with the brand-related backgrounds.


We applied three.js to make models and the dynamic logo part interactive on the website. To accent Miestilo as a manufacturer, we created a separate section that guides visitors through the production process. In the mobile version of the website, the production process is presented as stories, which makes the mobile experience truly unique.


Miestilo is an example of how to create a comprehensive brand from the start and how it benefits the company over time.

  • BRAND STRATEGY: Serafim Sinotov

  • BRANDING: Alexandra Shwagerus

  • 3D AND MOTION: Lena Sivakova

  • WEB-DESIGN: Ksenia Leonteva

  • WEB-DEVELOPMENT: Vladimir Shepel

  • SOUND DESIGN: Aleksey Kurochkin

  • PROJECT FINISHED: 03.12.2021



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